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Development services

The Zippytech team provides a wide variety of services to help you deliver your web apps faster and with a modern design.

Choose the service that suits you best
We can help you increase productivity, improve quality and decrease costs by offering you the entire cycle of development services, from app architecture to outstanding UI and UX.
Development of web apps & mobile apps Reach out to the team that built the Zippytech React Toolkit. We’ve been working with React since it was launched and have deep expertise in building complex user interfaces, as proven by our components. Our hard-won experience helps us deliver better and more stable apps in a variety of technologies - both frontend, like React, React Native and backend like Node.js, .NET and Java.
Integrating React Toolkit components into your app No-one knows our components better than us. We’re here to help you integrate them into your app, so you can stay focused on what matters most to you: shipping a valuable product. We’re happy to see people succeeded by using our components and shipping faster.
Implementation of user interfaces for rich web apps The Zippytech team is always ready to help you implement custom components to meet your business requirements. Our team has been working with React since it was launched, and are working with the whole React ecosystem on a daily basis. We can help speed up your app development.
Migration of existing apps to rich web interfaces Upgrading your existing app to a rich web interface is more straight-forward with us. We have developed the whole suite of UI components a modern app needs, so we can assemble them together into your app and help you deliver value a lot sooner.
Custom React components We can build UI components tailored to your app, or customize the already existing components so they fit with your app requirements. Reach out for help.
Consulting, support, and other development services We can help you tackle any technical problem you may encounter in the process of developing your project. We do offer consulting services and support so that our clients can benefit from all our hard-won technical knowledge.