Zippytech - Roadmap | React Components


We are dedicated to continuously enhancing and improving our products and services. We know where we are and we know where we are heading.

Our short-term plan
Existing components:
  • Improving the overall performance
  • Improving the touch devices support
  • New color scheme themes (light and dark)
  • RTL support
  • Hierarchy grid
  • Sticky grouping row
  • Grouping summary
  • New filter types: date, date-time, range and multi select
  • Resizable rows with drag & drop
Commercial components:
  • Scheduler
  • PivotGrid
  • TreeGrid
  • CardView
  • Charts
Open source components:
  • ColorPicker
  • ThemeBuilder
Our long-term plan
  • ASP.NET MVC wrappers
  • AngularJS components
  • Vue.js components
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